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The Amazing Anthony

Award Winning Mind Reader & Magician

National Book Entertainment 2020 Event Award Winner

A Little Info About Anthony

The Amazing Anthony

Utilising the skills that Anthony acquired and honed during his Police Career and his subsequent work in the British Criminal Justice System, Anthony will both enter and influence the minds of the audience. You may have seen Anthony demonstrate some of his skills on Channel 4 Television.

His natural skills which were honed and developed over years in the Police, have given him enhanced mental and intuitive abilities which enable him to read and potentially influence people.

Anthony is of Irish lineage. His late mother was one of six (6) girls and two (2) boys and was a gifted Reader of cards.

For as long as anyone can remember there has always been a Card Reader in each generation of the family.

Anthony is the Card Reader for his generation.

Anthony performs one of the, if not the most dangerous, routines in magic - 'Defying the Bullet' more commonly known as 'The Bullet Catch'. This routine has caused the demise of nine (9) magicians while attempting to perform this death-defying feat and wounded at least three (3) more.

People realised that there was something special about Anthony when he was about eleven and he gave his first magic show. However, it was during his Police Career that these skills became apparent and he earned the sobriquet of 'The Psychic Policeman' from both his colleagues and members of the public. He was encouraged to focus and develop these rare talents when he met Maxine, the lady who was to become his wife. Maxine is also of Irish Lineage and they make a formidable team, although Maxine works with Anthony on refining and honing his skills rather than in a performing role.

Anthony has a relaxed informal manner, which puts all types of audiences at ease and a wide variety of routines. He is neither rude nor blue.

He only accepts one (1) booking a day. This ensures that there is no pressure and the client can relax confident that Anthony is not clock-watching and eager to escape to get to the next job. If your event has a dress code, Anthony will accommodate it.

Anthony always offers to meet his clients some time prior to the performance. At this meeting he will discuss their expectations and he will prepare a unique set list for each and every performance. This is one of the many reasons that Anthony is asked to return for work. Unlike other magicians every performance is different.

His act carries Personal Liability Insurance and a copy is supplied to every client at the time of booking.

Bizarre magic, also known as storytelling magic is a good way to stage an evening's entertainment at home with a difference.

Anthony is a great choice if you want to generate extra business for a restaurant for example. He can provide Tarot Card readings or perform Mind Reading and Magic for your clientele.

He is also a great person to create a 'buzz' at your stand at a Product Launch or Trade Show.

Anthony brings his wealth of experience to provide motivational business talks and shows his audiences how he used some of his special abilities in his police work.

In 2018, Anthony released his own book to the magic community at the request of one of this country's most gifted Card Readers, Mr Paul Voodini. It is the culmination of work conducted by Anthony over a thirty (30) year period working within the Criminal Justice System, and provides an uncannily accurate reading of people within seconds of them making a simple drawing. This has been at the top of the bestseller list for those who conduct Card Readings since it was released by Anthony's good friend and colleague Paul Voodini.

He is a member of the Society of American Magicians which predates the Magic Circle by three (3) years being founded by Harry Houdini on May 10th 1902, and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, which were founded in 1922.

Anthony has previously served on the East Anglia Branch of Equity as a committee member and at the AGM in November 2021 was elected unanimously as Branch Treasurer such is the confidence of the membership in him and reflects both his standing in the world of entertainment as well as the high regard that he is held in by his fellow professional entertainers locally.

The Amazing Anthony is a Norfolk Based Magician who works throughout the UK and Ireland.