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The Amazing Anthony

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Trade Shows and Product and Company Promotions

To capitalise on your investment, you need to attract potential leads and customers to your stand. What better than to attract attendees by using the experience of The Amazing Anthony?

My engaging personality and customer engagement will attract potential clients to your trade stand and entice them back for repeat visits. I can pass them on to a staff member who can close the deal or arrange a follow-up appointment.

I can also advise you on 'giveaways' that will have people talking about your company and products, and showing them to their friends and colleagues.

Trade Shows are expensive for those exhibiting, but using my skills ensures your success, attracts attendees and potential customers and target clients.

Trade Shows: Different Entertainer Roles

There are a variety of distinct roles to embody, each with its own price band and can be performed close-up or on a stage. I have a great deal of experience and my engaging personality encourages potential clients to stop and engage in conversation. They are then ready for me to pass them on to the client's staff at the booth, or for those staff to engage them in conversation as I close my routines.

My experience is that it enables me to provide a better service to my client if I know something about their product(s) and services prior to the day.

I find that having a knowledge base of the client's product is useful for me and impresses your potential customers and leads. Whilst you may not hire me for quality lead filtering, I am keen to provide added value to my clients.

Would you please send me your company website and some information about what we will be selling/promoting?

Crowd Stopper

The most basic role is that of the crowd stopper. Simply, "let me show you something amazing" - I show them an effect and then pass the attendee on to a staff member.

Brand/Product Awareness

The next step up from the crowd stopper is to weave product or brand awareness into my mentalism effect. Such as, "I know, it's like I can read your mind. Just like the new smart TV from Panasonic." Then I pass the person to a member of staff. This adds more value to my service as I am linking the product (or company) to the moments of wonder and amazement.

Lead Capture

Up until this point I have just been attracting attendees into the booth and passing them on to staff members. The staff members will take the attendees details usually by scanning their badge, this is known as generating a lead. Lead capturing requires me to attract the attendee, perform for them (including brand/product awareness) and then scan their personal details. This raises me to the role of staff member, with the added benefits of being able to amaze attendees and build brand rapport.

Quality Lead Filtering

This is the pinnacle of what I can offer at a trade show. While entertaining attendees, I only data capture those people who have a genuine interest in the product/service. Issuing me my own scanner, the company will know that all of the leads that I have provided are 'hot leads' and that when contacted a sale is virtually guaranteed. This raises my role to a finder of guaranteed sales.

I offer discounted rates for block bookings and calculate a half day rate. I calculate my half-day rate as being 70% of the day rate

Notice that there is also an option for 'Booth Training'. This is something that I offer to the staff of the company that I will be representing. Training happens the evening before the event or half an hour before the Trade Show opens.

You will undoubtedly wish to avoid the archetypal image often seen at Trade Shows where most staff members resemble inert figures like mannequins in the stand space, expecting attendees to flock in. This doesn't happen, so the 'Booth Training' teaches the staff to change their perspective and alter some behaviours. Dynamism, anticipation, enthusiasm and active listening being the watchwords of the Trade Show.